The best winter coats for this cold weather

Lots of different brands offer fresh versions for the new season. It always seems we’re all in need of a winter coat refresh. One thing is for sure, you’re bound to find a style that works for you no matter what is your preference.

We have reviewed a wide range of wool and active coats to find the best and the ones with top-quality performance and design. These pieces that made the list has a variety of styles, sizes and activity levels, so you can buy one that lasts.

Here are the best coats to wear all winter long:


Wool Coat: Marc New York Paloma



This coat has a polyester lining inside and the pockets are lined if you want to keep your hands inside. This coat also has an asymmetrical zipper and is double breasted to help keep cold air out. This wool coat is 60% wool and 40% polyester.


Active Coat



If you’re going to be active, this is the perfect coat for you since it will not weigh you down. These coats are ideal for extreme weather and wear and tear. Good quality jackets are made of nylon and polyester. Always look durability and for styles that are lightweight.


Envelope Collar Coat



This classy and stylish coat is very flattering and feminine with its envelope collar. This will definitely keep you warm in many climates. It is 52% polyester and 48% wool.

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